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Able Communications Technology Corporation was formed in 2002, by Carl R. Bowen.  Mr. Bowen, a veteran of the United States Army, has worked in the satellite communications field for over 35 years.


Able Communications formed in 2002 and supported the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) with the engineering and development for Ultra High Frequency (UHF) SATCOM and Super High Frequency (SHF) SATCOM for over a decade. Able Communications was also the DISA Prime Contractor for the development, enhancement, maintenance, configuration management, and technical support for Integrated Broadcast Service (IBS) Standard development, Integrated Waveform (IW) Control System development, testing, installation and support, and PDA 184 Software for over a decade until the restructuring of the program into two independent paths. Able Communications is currently sub-contracted under IP Keys, continuing support for the PDA 184, which is now develped and managed in house by DISA.


Able Communications’ skilled engineers, with their decades of experience, provide the ability to deliver products and services to you on time and at a price within your project budget.



Members of Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) International


PDA 184—Communications for the Warfighter


The PDA 184 software application enables warfighter data communications that implements the MIL-STD-188-184 Data Control Waveform. PDA 184 provides reliable data communications with data compression, packet communications, and adaptive error-correction in both wireless and wireline media networks.  Through the evolution of PDA 184, Able has enhanced the software for specific needs of users. PDA 184 is currently available exclusively through DISA. For more information about training and support for PDA 184, please visit our Services page.



Military Standards


Serving as the DISA Prime Contractor for engineering, prototyping, and system network simulation, Able Communications was integral to the early engineering, test, and development for the Data Control Layer (DCL) MIL-STD-188-186.  MIL-STD-188-186 applies to the IBS for Common Interactive Broadcast (CIB).






Design, development, integration, testing, verification and deployment of

IW MIL-STD Requirements











Implementation of hardware and software for test and verification of IW MIL-STDS





Analysis of IW Waveforms and implementation of IW and CIB into fielded programmable radios/terminals


Development, verification and configuration management of UHF SATCOM waveforms



Channel Controller


Definition and development of a Test Channel Controller and Phase II Channel Controller Test Tool simulation software



Integrated Waveform (IW) & Common

Interactive Broadcast (CIB)


Design, implementation, testing, validation and certification of hardware and software components of the IW Network Terminals and Control System


Development of hardware and software for IW and CIB acceptance testing and waveform simulations


ACTC provided a broad range of technical, engineering, and support services for over a decade to assist the DISA Narrowband Project Office in its efforts relating to Integrated Waveform (IW) Phase I and Phase II activities.  Specifically, ACTC has provided design, development, testing, deployment and operational support services relating to hardware, software, and firmware for a number of programmable UHF SATCOM combat radios, as well as the satellite access controller (SAC), and control terminal (CT) components of the IW control and communications system.


ACTC has developed and provided support for a Test Channel Controller and worked on the development of a Phase II Channel Controller Test Tool which will be expanded to support testing through software simulation for all operating components of the Control System.


In addition, ACTC has been responsible for the development, enhancement, testing, and maintenance of the IW Planning Tool (IWPT) and the PDA-184 application software, as well as assisting the Narrowband Project Office in the planning, execution, and documentation of operational support demonstrations and presentations.


Throughout our support of DISA and the IW Program, ACTC has taken great pride in providing extremely high quality technical support services and products at a reasonable price.












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